Monday, February 23, 2015

The Road to Mae Hong Son and the Great Circle

This post recommends destinations for your trip to Northern Thailand. The trip begins in Chaing-Mai in Northern Thailand and takes you to Mae Hong Son on the Burma Border then down to Doi Inthanon National Park.  This is Thailand's "Great Circle" and the trip is full of absolutely amazing views.  I created the video playlist below with a mix of videos compiled from my trip on the Road to Mae Hong Son and the Great Circle.

The Blog List below takes you to my blogs and my photos of Norther Thailand...
Doi Inthanon National Park
Chaing-Mai Zoo
Chiang-Mai Zoo is just outside the city of Chiang-Mai to the west, at the base of Doi Suthep Mountain. The most famous of exhibits is the Panda, which are both interesting and cool to watch in an air-conditioned exhibit. READ MORE
Road to Mae Hong Son
Road to Mae Hong Son
The road (Highway 1095) from Chiang-Mai to Mae Hong Son via Pai, has stunning views around every corner and the road is reported to have over 1,864 curves, making it one of the most stunningly beautiful trips of a lifetime.    READ MORE
The White Temple - Wat Rong Khun
Pong Duad Geyser
Pong Duad Geyser is in Huai Nam Dang National Park Mae Tang district, Chiang Mai Province Kingdom of Thailand and a nice side trip from the windy roads to Mae Hong Son. The park has a well marked and well maintained trail to get to the geyser. The water is definitely hot coming out of the ground. - READ MORE
Mae Hong Son - Hamlet in the Mountains
Mae Hong Son - Hamlet in the Mountains
Mae Hong Song is a quiet little Thailand town in the northwest corner of Thailand, adjacent to the Myanmar Border and nestled in low lying areas within the Shan Hills. The Road to Mae Hong Song is tough drive, having more that a thousand curves as it winds through the mountains, but the drive is worth it!... READ MORE
Doi Inthanon National Park
Doi Inthanon National Park
Doi Inthanon National Park is probably the most well known of National Parks in Thailand most due to the park having the highest elevation in the country. The elevation affords amazing views of the mountain and surrounding area. The photos and video in this blog are from a brief day tripp to the King and Queen Chedi area ... READ MORE
Strawberry Farm in Chiang-Mai
Strawberry Farm in Chiang-Mai
Chiang-Mai is well known throughout Thailand for the Strawberries that are grown in the Province's fertile soil. The strawberries are very sweet and delicious. On a recent trip through the Province I stopped at a roadside stand adjacent to a farm and asked the farmer for a tour... READ MORE
Chiang-Mai's Wualai Road Saturday Night Market
Chiang-Mai's Wualai Road Saturday Night Market
Chiang-Mai's Wualai Road Saturday Night Market is a city street in Chaing Mai that is converted into a walking street on Saturday nights.  The walking street is an excellent place to unwind after a day of touring northern Thailand and buy gifts for friends and family.  Be prepared though, on Saturday Wualai Road gets very crowded... READ MORE

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bangkok's Skyline is Changing!

MahaNakhon Building is a luxury mixed-use skyscraper currently under construction in the Sathon central business district of Bangkok, Thailand. When completed, scheduled for later this year, it will be the highest building here in Bangkok at 314 meters. The MahaNakhon Building is located next to the Chongnonsi BTS Commuter Train Station and about a half a kilometer from the intersection of Sathon and Naradhiwas Roads.

My photos show the current state of construction of the MahaNakhon Building, along with a look at the surrounding skyline. I will try to update this blog as the construction progresses.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bangkok Celebrates Chinese New Year - Year of the Goat

Princess Sirindhorn attended the opening ceremony of Chinese New Year celebrations at Bangkok's Chinatown this evening. To bring in the Year of the Goat, Bangkok extended the main celebrations from the Chinatown Gate for several blocks along Yaowarat Road and it was packed with thousands of people enjoying the festivities. The festivities included cultural performances from China, dragon parades and lion dances, street stalls selling Chinese food, lantern decorations, and an exhibition telling the story of Yaowarat’s Thai-Chinese community.

Enjoy the video and photos of tonight's festivities:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mu Koh Surin - Island Life

Mu Koh Surin is located on the northern rim of the Andaman Sea, and only 8 km. from the Thailand-Myanmar border. Getting to Mu Koh Surin isn't easy, being 50 kilometers off the coast of Thailand, you have to catch a ride on a fast moving ferry which takes a full two hours from the mainland. The ferry leaves from a pier in Khura Buri, more than 700 kilometers from Bangkok, which is also the mainland headquarters for the park.

Mu Ko Surin is where Thailand's tropical rain forest come in contact with the largest, most amazing, life abundant, shallow water coral reef. Mu Ko Surin is the best place for snorkeling in Thailand, with rich marine life such as sea turtles and many varieties of marine life. Mu Koh Surin consists of two main islands, Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai (north and south) and have more than 10 bays renowned for the most beautiful shallow coral reefs. Thailand keeps the island rustic, limiting the number of visitors and the types of boats allowed into the shallow waters. There are a few nice bungalows on the island but most who visit stay for a few days in tents enjoying the quiet island breezes up close and personal.

As a cultural site of interest, there is a community of Sea Gypsies who still live their traditional lifestyle according to the life abundant local seas. These Sea Gypsies are called the Morgan and they continue to live a primitive life in their houseboats and inhabit Ko Surin Tai beach which is opposite to the national park office. You will find carved wood sculptures similar to an American Indian totem which is a Morgan tradition.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Puk Tian Beach

Puk Tian Beach is about 2 hours south of Bangkok and one hour north of Hua Hin, and along the Petchaburi Scenic Roadway.  The Beach was made famous by the number of sculptures from the well-known Thai literature Phra Aphai Manee.  The beach is very quiet and peaceful. A great get-away location for a quiet weekend at the beach.

The Story of Phra Aphai Manee is a clever story of Prince Phra Aphai Manee who plays a magical flute that brings sleep to those who hear his music. The giant, Nang Yack, listens to the Princes music and didn't sleep but fell in love. She changes herself into human to be with her prince. Nang Yack marries the prince without ever telling the prince she is a giant and they move to a remote island be alone and in love.  They have a son, Sin Samut, who is human but has the magic of the giants. One day, Nang Yack finds the prince with a new lover, a mermaid. Nang Yack also had the anger of a giant and wanted to kill the prince. The mermaid helped the prince escape the island and Nang Yack's anger. When the prince arrives on land he plays his flute to calm Nang Yack's anger. The music has an unforeseen result, it turns her anger into deep sadness and kills Nang Yack because her love was so deep.

Characters from the Story of Phra Aphai Manee:

Photos of the beach and town:

There also is a lot of wildlife in the marsh lands surrounding the beach area:

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