Monday, October 5, 2009

Adventures with a Thailand Explorer – From little things big things grow!

“We read to know we are not alone“
C. S. Lewis (author of the Narnia Chronicles)

I often read the Bangkok Post on-line each day. Despite not living in Thailand I rarely miss an opportunity to know what is happening in this enchanting Kingdom. Be it political wrangling, the latest hotspot or intriguing tales about every day residents, I feel connected to the country and its people when reading their national paper.
Imagine my delight to come across an article asking people to become the Ultimate Thailand Explorers. With 19 visits so far, my partner (Fiona) and I have explored a lot of Thailand! With the chance to visit the country as part of the competition it certainly got our attention. But it did much more than that…here was a chance for us to use our passion to show the world why Thailand is a number one travel destination.

The competition requires applicants to choose one of five Thailand destinations and upload an application video to Youtube telling how they would promote their destination and Thailand through the use of social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook. Our chosen destination is Bangkok – Asia’s coolest city!Two days later we had our application video completed and uploaded to the official UTE site. Than came a frantic and sometimes obsessive pursuit of tweets, pokes and blogs. A few days passed and our view count had surpassed 12,000 and we were the most viewed for the following week.

The fans and followers have begun to come. People around the world are reading about our own Thai hotspots, and we know we are not alone in telling the world why Thailand is the number one destination.
We will be blogging our journey through the competition. Join us on this pursuit of all things Thai and see how far we get!

Chok Dee

Brisbane, Australia
Entrant in the Ultimate Thailand Explorer competition

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