Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buddhism in Thailand

Three BuddhasThailand's path to Buddhism began two and a half thousand years ago, in Kapilavastu (now called Nepal), where lived a prince called Siddartha Gautama, who later in life became enlighten and became "Buddha". In 1277 A.D. King, Ramkamhaeng the Great invited senior monks from Sri Lanka to Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand and grew from there. Buddhism's success in Thailand also owes much to its acceptance of other religious rites and practices. As Buddha himself was a Hindu and Buddhism originated in, and migrated from a Hindu society, India, it is easy to understand how Buddhism shares some elements that are recognizable within Hinduism. Even today, there are various rituals that are practiced within Buddhism that are either explicitly identified as Hindu in origin. The temples and shrines dedicated to Buddhism can be found everywhere in Thailand today making for an interesting visit to a buddhistic culture.  Read more...

Phuket Big Buddha

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