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Spas – more than mud baths, massages and meditation

For most of us, taking a vacation is about getting away from it all and escaping the stresses and strains of everyday life. Spending time in Thailand with its long, lazy days and warm, sultry climate will do much to restore both your body and mind, but when you incorporate a visit to a spa into your trip, you will turn your vacation into the ultimate pampering and relaxation experience.

Today, spas offer much more than just mud baths, massages and meditation classes. A center for healing and nourishing your mind, body and spirit, a good spa will offer a range of professionally administered treatments, classes and programs in a beautiful and serene atmosphere. However, spas can come in a variety of forms and so to ensure that you get the right treatments and service for you, it is a good idea to do a bit of research before you book. Have a look at the spa’s website, check to see if they have received any recommendations, or won any awards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, professional spas will offer a professional service and so will be pleased to answer all your queries.

As a basic guideline, spas come in four distinct formats: holiday or resort spas, day spas, medical spas and destination spas.

A hotel or resort spa 

Many of the higher class hotels and resorts in Thailand will offer their guests (and sometimes non-residents) a range of spa services for fitness, health, pampering and pleasure. A hotel or resort spa is a great choice for families or for groups with mixed tastes (for example when one person wants to use the spa facilities and the other play golf). A hotel or resort spa is perfect for anyone wanting to experience a bit of pampering and relaxation whilst on vacation.

A day spa

For one-off treatments or special indulgence days, a day spa is a wonderful place to get a massage or facial or to have a body treatment like a sea salt scrub or mud wrap. With a focus on physical and mental well-being many of the services offered in a day spa will be similar to those found in a hotel or resort spa, however unlike a hotel or resort spa, a day spa does not offer accommodation to its customers.

A medical spa

Run under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional, a medical spa will offer traditional spa treatments such as facials and massages, as well as more specialized treatments that require a doctor's supervision, such as a chemical peel, laser facial treatment or Botox injections.

A destination spa

For those looking to totally immerse themselves in healthy living, a destination spa is the ideal choice. With an environment that is completely focused upon health and fitness, a destination spa offers the possibility of personal transformation. The residential fitness programs available will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle through a combination of spa treatments, exercise classes and healthy eating. Because of the complexity of the treatments many of the destination spas will require you to stay for a minimum of at least three nights.

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