Saturday, November 21, 2009

The best time to live in Bangkok

Lumpini Park 2009For me, coming from northeast US, this is the best time to be living in Bangkok is Late November, December and into January. These months have the perfect temperature for me, staying in the 70s and getting cooler at night with low humidity. This weather allows me to walk to work and not sweat too much. Also the air conditioner can stay off and I get cool breezes into my apartment throughout the night. Thai people call it cold and I have taken to that description but it is no way “cold”, the weather couldn’t be more perfect (for me anyway). As late January rolls around and humidity level start to rise along with the ambient temperatures. I am sure the others from my part of the world will agree this is the best time of the year to be living and working in Bangkok. Let me know how you feel about Thailand Weather living and working here.

The picture is of the clock tower in Lumpini Park near where I live in Bangkok on a perfect day in Late November.  Let me know when your favorite time to be in Bangkok is...

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