Monday, November 9, 2009

Destinations in Northern Thailand

Doi Inthanon National ParkDescribed as the cultural heart of Thailand, the North is the home of the first ever Kingdom of Thailand, Yonok; founded when the Dai people migrated from China, nearly 800 years ago. Now home to many Hill Tribes including the Karen and Paduang (noted for stretching their necks using metal hoops) to name a few, the region is mountainous and covered in areas of dense forest. The area is also rich in ancient relics, particularly around Sukhothai, which was the first ancient capital city of Siam. Sukhothai Historical Park and Satchanalai National Park are therefore well worth a visit. Other popular destinations include, Chiang Mai (the Northern region's capital), Doi Inthanon (the highest place in Thailand), Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle (the area between Thailand, Laos and Burma) and for those looking to get away from it all, Mae Hong Son (the City of Three Mists) is not to be missed! The northern-most town in Thailand, Mai Sai, lies on the Burmese border. Here, Burma and Thailand are only separated by a small stream and because of this Mai Sai is a great place to buy Burmese goods such as jade or lacquer-ware. Read More...

Recommended detinations in Northern Thailand:

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