Monday, November 9, 2009

Favorite Thai Foods - Snakehead Fish (Pla Chon)

Fried Snakehead fish is one of my (many) favorite Thai dishes. Snakehead fish (or Pla Chon in Thai) is a fresh water fish that literally has a head that looks somewhat like a snake, quite ugly. The fish is cleaned of its guts but the head and tale are left on and deep fried in a wok until crispy brown on the outside. Spicy chili sauce is poured over the fried fish and served. A little care is needed to avoid the rib bones but the meat is pulled off the body, dipped in the chili sauce and eaten. Very tasty... The tastiest meat, believe it or not, is the cheek of the fish. This takes a little work to get at and there is not that much meat, but the effort is worth it. Try it you will like it. This is just one of many dishes in Thailand that I enjoy.


The picture above is a a sample of a spread of “typical” Thai food. Eventually I will get to them all. For more information on eating in Thailand click here...

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