Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Khon Performance of the Prommas

Her Majesty the Queen, in her birthday speech in August this year, urged the authorities to properly preserve the classical art form of “Khon” mask dance. Khon mask dance, a performance that combines traditional dance and acting, and used to depict episodes from the Ramakien, the Thai take on India's Ramayana. Thailand has already begun revitalizing this historic art form with the establishment of the National Khon Institute with the Fine Arts Department part of the Ministry of Culture, leading the effort with plans of seminars, demonstrations and talks on Khon related information. There are even plans of a TV related series showing the complete version of the Ramakien, which, I am told is volumes long.

There was a Bangkok post article today, which got me thinking about my fortune to get tickets to see the khon performance of the ‘Prommas' episode of the Ramakien at the Auditorium, Thailand Cultural Center this past June. I took the attached picture at this performance, which was, again, inspired by Her Majesty the Queen. For more details about that performance click here...

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