Friday, November 6, 2009

Monkey Show - Singing Monkey!

Last weekend I went to a festival being held at The Golden Mount (or Phu Khao Tong in Thai), which is held every year in the days preceding Loy Krathong. The festival had a Ferris wheel as well and typical festival games like dunk the girl in the water, pop the balloon with darts and shoot the BB at the target. All these games are very typical of festivals but there were others I have not seen before, most notably, a monkey show. The show, all in all, was very simple with an elevated stage and two “handlers” and three monkeys. The monkeys all had chains and collars like you would think of as using on dogs but they were dressed up as little humans, which I found quite disturbing. The female monkey even sat cross legged and look like an old bar maid.

Monkey Show

The handlers took the monkeys through a number of tricks all lasting only 5 or ten minutes. It was quite fun and strange all at the same time.

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