Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thailand Mangrove Forests

Thailand CrabThere are 74 species of mangrove trees in Thailand. Mangrove forests provide both food and shelter for many living organisms. The soil in a mangrove forest is similar to that of a tropical rainforest. This is because the nutrients in the soil are very close to the surface. In both rain forests and mangrove forests, the trees have a very shallow root system. The mud is actually a very important part of the food chain for all the wildlife there, which depends on mangrove later down the line.

I had a chance to visit the Leam Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project near Hua Hin and got a chance to see many wildlife species there. There are 54 species of crabs and 204 species of birds have been recorded in the mangrove forests of Thailand. The attached picture is one of the crabs I saw as I walked through this forest. Quite diverse!

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