Friday, December 11, 2009

Lumpini Park at Night

Lumpini Park at NightLumpini Park is nestled in the center of Bangkok's most famous shopping districts. The park is a large city park with lakes and waterways which seem to come alive with city lights at night as it is surrounded by a dazzling display of skyscrapers. There is a 2.5 kilometers walkway on the outside of the park and crisscrossed with other walking paths in its center, all offering stunning views of the city after the sun sets on the city. After sundown the city lights do seem to come alive on the lakes in the park, making the park seem a bit magical. I have created a collage of photos from last night's walk through the park you can download this collages for a wallpaper for your computer if you wish of go to my Thailand Photo Blog for take a look at the other photos from my walk in the park by clicking here...

Thailand Photo Blog - View my 'Lumpini Park Night Views' set on Flickriver

The International Street show is being held this week as well at Lumpini Park featuring artists, musicians, magicians from all over the world. This was fun to walk through the park, enjoy the shows and enjoy the scenery.

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