Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thai Kings Birthday Celebration

Thai Kings Birthday CelebrationLast night Thailand Celebrated their Kings 82nd Birthday and it was a gala event as promised. Many streets in center city Bangkok were closed to vehicular traffic to allow many thousands of Thai people to walk freely from the Grand Palace area to the Dusit area and Bangkok was a sea of pink. Strange color I know, but pink is their King's color, based on the day of the week he was born and last night pink was everywhere, worn but Thai people everywhere.  I was able to visit from the Golden Mountain area to the Democracy Monument then back down to the Dusit Museum (once the parliament building years ago) along Ratchadamnoen Road. The events began with a candle light ceremony where the Thai People professed their undying loyalty to their King.

This lead to an extravagant firework display from several areas along Ratchadamnoen Road.

Following the firework display was a parade of light, again along Ratchadamnoen Road, where floats decorated with a dazzling display of lights and carrying Thai Celebrities, were seemingly magically transported along the road.  The floats were of many sizes and shapes and the most impressive to me was a huge float decorated in orange lights in the shape of a dragon.  Quite amazing..

Thai Kings Birthday Celebration

At the Dusit Museum there was another show of light and sound, telling the story of their King's Reign, showing inspirational tails of how their King has improved the quality of life for the Thai People.

For more photos of the Gala Event you can go to my Flickr Photo Set Page by clicking here...


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