Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favorite Thai Foods - Sticky Rice in Bamboo Tube - Khao Lham

Khao LhamWhile there are many Thai desserts that are extremely delicious, khao lham is very high on my list of favorites. Sticky rice, or glutinous rice, is cook off, which I am told isn't very easy, taking 24 hours of soaking, then boiled. The rice is mixed with sugar and coconut milk and sometimes red bean and stuffed into a cut bamboo length. The knot of the bamboo stalk is kept at one end to keep the rice in the bamboo and a bit of banana leaf is place at the other end for the same reason. The bamboo stalks are placed upright over a bed of hot charcoal and cooked. The vendors on the street will have a hammer or small ax to break open the bamboo when you buy the Khao Lham. The result is an amazingly tasty treat! But be careful, the rice, coconut milk and sugar make khao Lham very filling, so don't try to eat the entire stick of khao lham by yourself!

Khao Lham

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