Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Changing Colors of Bangkok Protesting

Red Shirts?This evening on my way home from the office I took another video, shown at the bottom of the article. In the video you will see that there is not that much red anymore. The redshirted protesters are not wearing redshirts. They are hoping to confuse the police and government should they try to stop them from protesting. If you look closely you will also see sharpened bamboo poles, which is commonly used as weapons in this part of the world. There is still plenty of red, in the flags and posters that are hanging about the place. So let me try to explain the colors of Bangkok's Protesting. There is the
  1. Redshirts, who are not wearing redshirts anymore. The Redshirts represent the United Front for Democracy Against Democracy (UDD), who would like the parliament to dissolve and new elections held (in hopes that a more Taksin friendly parliament becomes in power;
  2. Yellow Shirts, who are currently laying in wait to see the outcome of the current demonstrations. The Yellow Shirts represent the Anti-Taksin group, the People's Alliance for Democracy; and
  3. Multicolor Shirts, who are made up of average people of Bangkok who are tired of the redshirt protesters and want them to stop.
Those are the protesting groups in a very big nutshell. I hope this helps you understand the situation here a little better.

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