Monday, April 19, 2010

My Walk through the Protesters in Bangkok

Protesting along Rama I
Today I went to work in CentralWorld Office Tower in the Ratchaprasong Business District and again found myself, and everyone I work with, surrounded by redshirted protesters. They have been holed up in this area for over two weeks now, successfully shutting down the biggest financial districts in Bangkok. I have described this to friends as similar to shutting down Times Square in New York City. I decided to take a video of my walk through the protestors as I left this area, which you can view below.

You will see they appear there to stay awhile, having tents, cooking grills and other food services. You will also see they are mechanizing, selling redshirts on racks in the middle of the street that used to be a main thoroughfare through the heart of Bangkok.

You can view more of my photos from the protests by clicking here…

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