Monday, April 5, 2010

Protesting Again!

Protestors along Rama IToday the redshirted protestors are at it again! This time they are directly affecting me. They have set up camp in the Ratchaprasong Business District, effectively shutting down many major malls in the area including CentralWorld, Paragon, Erawan and Gaysorn Malls. While my office building in CentralWorld COmplext remains open, it sounds like there are plans for closing the building early. This area has been shut down since Saturday Morning and I have no idea when they open again. Hopefully soon!

The photo to the above is the scene outside of CentralWorld this morning along Rama 1 Road. The video below is the scene outside CentralWorld last night around 930. Yes I braved a visit to the rally to give you some up to date news!

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