Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wildlife of Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park 2008

Living so close to one of Bangkok's nicest inner city parks, frequent the park and often have my camera. I would like to share with you photos of some of the wildlife found in the park. Many very large monitor lizards can be seen in the many lakes found in the parks. They are often seen swimming in the lakes but also look up! They can be also seen in the trees surrounding the lakes. Not to worry though they do not bother with people visiting the park and are quite shy if approached.

Lumpini Park 2009 Lumpini Park 2009
Monitor Lizard at Lumpini Park 2010 Swimming Monitor Lizard at Lumpini Park 2010
Many more water animals including water fowl and turtles of various sizes and shapes. Thai people can be seen feeding the fish in the lakes, which are teaming with large catfish.

Lumpini Park 2010 Turtle at Lumpini Park 2009
Lumpini Park 2010
Lumpini Park 2009

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