Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bangkok Burning

I know you have not heard from me in a while… Sorry about that... I am ok but not unaffected. The clash has affected me greatly, both at work and home. The area where all the action is where my office and condo are, so I had to move out of my condo and i am staying in a Hotel, where I am also working.  Here are some photos I took last Friday from the 11th floor of my condo building:

Protest Crackdown May 14th 2010Protest Crackdown May 14th 2010Protest Crackdown May 14th 2010Protest Crackdown May 14th 2010

I had to vacate my condo on an emergency basis on Saturday. Last Friday was crazy with fighting (gunfire, bombs and fire) in the streets in front of my place. The Thai Army had set up a skirmish line right in front of the entrance to my condo, chaining it shut, to avoid tenants from leaving and getting in the middle of it. I spent the night there because it seemed too dangerous to leave. Saturday morning things got a little quiet and then the electric went out, which helped make my decision. I packed lightly and in a hurry. I remember my first thought when i stepped foot outside my condo on Saturday morning was that I wished I had my body armor, helmet and glock from Iraq... I had to walk out of that area far enough to catch a taxi. I had contacted my boss and he met me and set me up in a hotel outside the "red" zone. I am safe now but only have one bag of clothes (small bag) but I am near a mall, if I have to replenish clothes.

Last night I watched the building next to my office building burn down. I was worried. I love my office location. You may have seen it on the news. My office is in CentralWorld office tower, next to the mall. A big part of the mall burned down yesterday.

This article presents some good background information...  Click here...

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