Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seeing Bangkok from the Chao Phraya River

Wat ArunBangkok's Chao Phraya River is a great mode of transportation to see some of Bangkok's most famous attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho… The boat ride can be a relaxing way of traveling and a great way to see the heart of Thailand. There are several boats to choose from when at the piers. I like the express boats which is only 14 baht one way, as far as you want to go. The express boats are color coded so take a look at the boat schedule before boarding to make sure it stops where you want to go. There are boats for tourist and they really are not very expensive either and they have a guide describing things along the river. The Best starting point is at Pier "0" at the Saphon-Taksin Bridge, which is along the Wongwian Yai BTS Skytrain line. The Pier has maps and decent people to help you. But be careful of the tourist traps, selling longtail boat trips around the tributaries to the Chao Phraya River which can be fun too.

Chao Phraya River BoatChao Phraya River Boat

To view many photos of trips along the Chao Phraya River click here…

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