Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thai Meets West

The people of Thailand are an interesting group. They are hugely influenced by Chinese culture, being located just to the south of China, so I am sure that some of the things I am going to describe are part of the greater "eastern" culture as well as the Thai culture. However, Thais have developed a unique blended culture of their own. You might wonder how this might affect your stay here in Thailand. If you are not in Thailand more than a few days or a week you may not even notice, especially if you confine your visit to the well known tourist areas where Thai Culture is a bit diluted by the visiting foreigners. However, I have been living among the Thai people and I find their culture quite endearing.

I have put together informational page to help you understand the Thai culture better before you arrive.
  1.  Best time to Join a Celebration in Thailand:
  2. 10 National Parks of Thailand:
  3. Best Time to Visit Thailand:
  4. Thailand’s Golden Beaches:
  5. Thailand Photography:
  6. Thai Food – tastiest of all: 
  7. Buddhism in ancient Thailand: 
  8. Thailand’s classical masked dance, Khon: 
  9. Guide to exploring Thailand: 
  10. Diving and snorkeling in Thailand:
 Certainly experiencing this culture first hand is the only way to truly appreciate the complexity.

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