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Airport Link Train in Bangkok *updated August 25, 2014*

Bangkok's Airport Link
Bangkok's Airport Link
The video shows the new airport link train now in operation in Bangkok, very efficiently taking passengers from center city Bangkok to the Airport and back again. We, in Bangkok, have been waiting for quite a while to see this link to the airport operational.  I successfully took the train to the airport for my latest business trip to Singapore and I was very impressed. The fair was only 15 baht (about 45 cents) and the trip only took 35 minutes.

This is a map of the link as it comes out of Bangkok.

Bangkok Airport Link Map
Airport Link Map

The Airport Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport provides 2 Transit options:
  1. A Direct Express Train that will take 15 minutes from the City Air Terminal (Makkasan) train station. This service will connect to the city’s mass transit subway system at the Phetchaburi MRT Station. Passengers will have the opportunity of checking in their luggage at the City Air Terminal, before boarding the express train to Suvarnabhumi airport.  (as a word of warning – connecting to the Phetchaburi MRT Station is not easy.  The way is poorly marked and there are a lot of steps and changes of directions.  If you are carrying lots of luggage this may not be too convenient.)
  2. The Commuter Train will make eight stops throughout the city, taking 30 minutes to travel the 28 kilometers (17 miles) to the airport and linking with both the Subway and Skytrain systems in Bangkok.  This line begins at the Phayathai BTS Station on the Sukhumvit line.

There are two convenient ways to get the the Airport Link from inside Bangkok via commuter train.  Via the Subway (MRT) at the Phetchaburi Station, where they have built a great sky walk to ease your travels to the airport link station.  And at Phayathai BTS Station (Skytrain), which has even an easier walk from one train line to the other.  

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