Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long-Tail Boats of Thailand

Boats of KrabiLong-tail boats of Thailand are somewhat of a country icon. They are used by the fishermen in the ocean and rivers as well as by the locals to transport goods and people throughout this tropical country, brimming with rivers and coastlines. You can often contract a tour on a long-tail boat, which can be quite a god experience.

Long-tail boats are thin wooden boats with an automotive engine mounted on the rear as its main source of propulsion, and they can go quite fast. The drive shaft from the engine is where the boat gets its name, having the propeller attached at the end. This engine is balanced such that the driver of the boat has to maneuver the boat by moving the engine and propeller opposite of where he wants to go.  The video below shows a long-tail boat turning around on the coast of Bamboo Island near Koh Phi Phi.

You can view more photos of Thailand's long-tail boats by clicking here...

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