Monday, April 4, 2011

Wat Phu Tok - Temple on the cliffs

Wat Phu Tok - Temple on the cliffs Wat Phu Tuk is not an easy place to visit, mostly due to how remote this destination is.  I arrived there through a trip to Nongkhai, on the northern border of Thailand. I have placed the Google Map of the location in Thailand to find this remote destination and you can get there based on your itinerary. However you get there, you wont be disappointed but be prepared for a bit of a Climb.  Most of the temple area is not on the hill and the temple area on the ground is also a pretty nice experience.  But behind the temple rises these cliffs which have a walkway built into.  I have no idea how safe the walkway really is but for me it looked pretty scary.  I am sure people have various tolerances for these types of things and you can choose the really scary or a somewhat less boring trail around the other side.  Once on top, you afforded amazing views of the surrounding area..

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Here is the Google Map link to this amazing Temple on the Cliffs..

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