Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thai Modern Art - Photo Set

Thai Modern Art
Take a look around any Province in Thailand and you will inevitably find a vast array of art and craft work. At first glance you may not think that there is any connection between the shapes and designs used in the carvings, silverware, ceramics, silks and paintings, but if you look a little closer, you will soon discover that the whole cultural history of Thailand is laid out before your very eyes. Although Thai culture has had many influences including those from countries such as India and China, the real roots of Thailand's art history are deeply imbedded in Buddhism. Thai-Buddhist's strive for harmony and serenity, and this is clearly represented throughout their artwork. Stemming back thousands of years, Thailand's traditional art began when Buddhism first reached the country. Its followers decorated the walls and ceilings of the monasteries and temples (wats) with murals depicting Buddhist customs and rituals together with scenes from their everyday life.

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