Monday, June 20, 2011

Wat Kao Chong Kra Jog Cave Monkeys

Wat Kao Chong Kra Jog Cave Monkeys
Buddha and monkey visit
Located at the base of hill in the small gulf city of Prachuap Khiri Khan on the southern Thailand Peninsula, this little cave is worth a brief stop in your travels. The monkeys alone are quite amusing. I had one monkey jump up and grab food from my arms. You can often find Buddha images in caves all round Thailand; they can be magical.  My luck was good on this visit, for as I was leaving the cave I saw this monkey stop by for a visit with Buddha.

Thailand's love of the monkey (called "Ling") is probably best illustrated by the epic tale of the Ramakien. The Ramakien is a myth of genuinely historic proportions, but the main story concerns Prince Rama and his search for his beloved wife, Princess Sita, who has been kidnapped by an evil ten-headed demon called Ravana.

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Click on the Map below to see where in Thailand this cave is located:

More photos of this Monkey cave can be found here..

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