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Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives Grounds

Buddhadasa Indapanno ArchivesBuddhadasa Indapanno Archives contains the writings of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (Buddhadasa Indapanno) who lived from 1906 to 1993 and was a highly revered Thai monk, famous for his innovative interpretations of Buddhist doctrine. The Archival building contains much more than the writings of Buddhadasa Indapanno, having fantastic displays of both Thai traditional and Thai Modern Art as well as areas dedicated to Buddhist meditation and learning.  Some of the art works found at the center can be seen by clicking on the thumb nails below:

Thai Modern ArtThai Modern ArtThai Modern Art

Thai Modern ArtThai Modern ArtThai Modern Art

Buddhadasa Indapanno was born in Surat Thani, where he was ordained at the age of 20 and later changed his name from Nguam Panitch to Indapanno ('One with the wisdom of the God Indra'). He later went to Bangkok for further religious instruction and training, but later felt that this path was not right for him and that many of the Lord Buddha's teachings had been misinterpreted. He returned to his hometown and established the temple that became better known as Suan Mokkh in 1932. Possessing a strong will to spread Buddhism and correct misunderstandings regarding the Lord Buddha's teachings, he changed his name to Buddhadasa, which means ‘Servant to Buddhism’, or 'Servant of the Lord Buddha'.

The Archive is located inside Rot Fai Park near entrance number 2. For more photos of the brilliant art work found at the Archive Building click here…  To go to Google Maps click below:

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