Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Koh Larn Monkeys

Koh Larn MonkeyThere are monkeys in a lot of places in Thailand, usually running free but staying close to places people go to get a free ride as much as possible.  Whenever i encounter them I like to spend the time to get some good photos.  I think they can be very photogenic.  Monkeys can also be fascinating to watch, sometimes immensely funny and a few can be scary.   While I was taking these photos of a troop of Monkeys on the Island of Koh Larn, a monkey jumped on top my head and I had to show quite a bit of restraint to not reach up and throw him off.  I was able to gently coaxed him down and then continued taking my photos.

Koh Larn Monkey   Koh Larn Monkey   Koh Larn Monkey

More photos of these monkeys can be found by following this link...  I have provided the Google Map link below so you can see where i was in the world...

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