Saturday, April 7, 2012

After You - Dessert Extravaganza

After You Dessert ShopI am sharing with you my favorite confection found in Bangkok found at "After You".  After You has several stores in Bangkok but the only one I have been to is the one in Paragon Mall.  Their specialty, toast with syrup and ice cream, sounds too simple to be all that good but names can be deceiving.  The toast is a 3 inch thick tasty piece of bread, smothered in butter and topped with ice cream flavor of choice and whipped cream.  This creation is served with syrup and honey for you to add to suite your flavor. Amazing!

They have five branches around Bangkok for you to enjoy their confections.  For your convenience you can click here to go to the After You website to find their location.  The website is English friendly :).

Update: there are now 8 cafe's listed on their website!  (as of the end of September 2013)

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