Friday, April 27, 2012

Bang Phli Floating Market and Bang Phli Temple

Bang Phli Floating Market and Bang Phli Temple

Bang Phli Floating Market is perported to be 155 years old or built in Year of the Lord Buddha 2040 or 1857, making the trip interesting. The market is built along Klong Bang Phli. Klong is the Thai word for canal. Just as a side note: floating markets in Thailand do not float. They are built along a canal or water way and Bang Phli is built along a fairly large klong. They do have floating aspects to them like selling food and products from small boats along the edge of the klong. To get to the market you must search out the Bang Phli Big C, go to the rear of the building and there is a bridge made of two boats tied together across the klong. Please be careful crossing and it costs 1 baht for the crossing.

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Wat Bang Phli is found the east end of the market and I recommend you take a walk about the temple. When I was there there was a lot of activities and food to partake. Please enjoy.

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