Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using Google Map for Thailand Travel

Screenshot Google MapUsing Google maps for traveling can make your life very easy in these days of cloud computing.  If you have an Android phone you can now very easily save a Google map using your PC to "My Places" and the map will appear on your phone within minutes the map can be accessed on you Android smart phone in the free "Maps" app.  It is easy to find in the upper left hand corner of the app is a button for "Maps" which brings you to a pull down menu listing for finding local places, navigating and finding maps in "My Places".  Following this link will bring you to your base of operation, the location of your home and work.  Then swiping to the right several times with bring you to "My Maps" where your map saved in Google map on your PC will appear here on your phone.  The screen shot shown to the left is an example of my map of "Thailand Destinations".  Please feel free to use this link to find interesting places throughout Thailand - save it now!.

Screenshot Google Map
Screen shot of the list of 62 Thailand Destinations
Here are some more you can try:

Have fun with the links and I know you wont get lost so you will have more time seeing the sights of Thailand!

Get tips direct from Google for integrating your online map searches from your PC and your mobile device! Click here!  A great way to plan your next Trip!

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