Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo Sharing Galaxy S4 Features and Apps

I thought I would share with you my new Galaxy s4 phone special features that i like most about my S4 Phone.   The first is a list of 10 apps I use most to take and share my photos  with you.  After that I list a few unrelated apps I think are just cool.  

Camera App (free, installed) - panorama function is the easiest, best quality panorama photo I've seen.  there are a number of "modes" that i am still experimenting with but the "HDR" mode is nice.  it turns up the saturation on the photos making the colors stand out just a touch.  There are a number of fun filters built in as well. overall a nice app.  

Flickfolio (free to download)- Downloads all photos from your Flickr account automatically and keeps you Flickr organization making this app a useful tool to show off your photo portfolio anywhere you have your phone - anywhere!

Story Album (free, installed) - Easily organize your photos on your phone into albums for sharing.  

Touchnote (free to download) - create a postcard with an awesome photo taken from your phone and send.  THe app is free to download and the postcards cost less than 2 dollarsl

QuickPic (free to download) - Allows for quick photo management on your phone.

Facebook and Facebook Pages Manager - Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people. Like timelines, you can customize Pages by adding apps, posting stories, hosting events and more. Engage and grow your audience by posting regularly. People who like your Page and their friends will get updates in News Feed. Pages Manager helps admins manage the activity on their Pages.

Instagram - also associated with Facebook and very good at Sharing photos

Twitter - just a must have in the social sharing game.

Other cool apps I thought I would share:

SHealth (free, installed) - pedometer, always on, tracking your steps and measuring your calories burned.

Smart Tools - allows estimated distances and direction with camera and more...  cost about 1 USD.

SmartRemote - uses phone IR transmitter to control anything with a remote control. No more remote out of reach!  cost about 3 USD

Cardiograph (free to download)- measures heart rate with camera, kinda cool for a free app.

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