Sunday, June 23, 2013

Springpad - Modern Day Note-taking

I have been using Springpad for several years now and I thought I would share my thoughts of this app with my readers. In a word - this app is great! The app organizes your information in notebooks that can be color coded and manually sorted. This allows for fantastic visual organization. Springpad uses cloud technology so you can access your information from PC to phone to tablet and syncs are seamless (as long as you have Internet connection). 

Springpad allows the collection of information in many ways: you can clip websites or portions of websites, create lists or notes, important dates (which syncs with Google calendar)... You can send emails from any of your emails directly to Springpad... There are many more.. 

The collaboration feature allows friends and colleagues access to your notebooks that can be further organized in notes and tasks. I am using this feature to manage projects and collaborate with colleagues in several different countries allowing us all to be on the same notebook... 

I use Springpad for my hobbies and work and I recommend this app to anyone who likes to organize visually and spatially.

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