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Jumzap Street Restaurant

Jumzap Street Restaurant Street Restaurants in Thailand are world renown but to foreigners they can be strange and slightly dangerous because we do not know how to order or pick the good ones that are both clean and tasty. Certainly, ordering is difficult when you cannot either read the menu or speak the language, so going with a Thai friend is essential.

I am suggesting this one is on Ratchadaphisek Road not far from exit 1 of the Thailand Cultural Center Subway (MRT) Station – Exit 1, which on the east side of the road and next to walking bridge. Take a look at the Google Map below and copy the location into your phone to find it easily. They serve really good Hot Pot Style Jumzap and awesome freshly made yum pla dook foo.

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The Zumzap is served in a clay pot made to cook soup with charcoal right there on your table. The pot is presented and will contain stock of water and spices. The meat and vegetables are served fresh and raw and it is up to you to do the last minute preparation like breaking up the vegetables in bit size pieces. The ingredients are then carefully placed into the pot and allowed to cook. The tasty soup is then eaten with a chilly based dipping sauce that varies from restaurant to restaurant.

The yum pla dook foo is a spicy catfish dish made with green mango salad (or yum mumuang) on top of catfish that is first grilled, then the meat is deboned and mixed with flour and water and deep fried crispy. Most Street restaurants do not serve fresh because it is quite complicated tp prepare but it is extremely tasty when you are lucky enough to find one that serves fresh.

Jumzap Street RestaurantJumzap Street RestaurantJumzap Street RestaurantJumzap Street RestaurantJumzap Street Restaurant

Jumzap Street Restaurant , a set on Flickr.

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