Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project Bike Loan Program in Downtown Bangkok

Pun Pun Bike Loan Program - 20 Vuellig House StationBangkok has gone Green!  Project bike Bangkok or Project “Pun Pun” is a bike "loan" program sponsored by the city of Bangkok. A great alternative mode of transportation for a short ride in the city, there are plenty of destinations to choose from the start of your trip to your destination and without the need to own a bicycle. Project Pun Pun Bike program has placed their stations at commonly popular destinations that also link well to both the MRT (Subway), BTS (Skytrain) and MRTA (Bus routes) throughout downtown Bangkok.

The system allows you to register to receive a card used to “rent” a bike, with the first 15 minutes being free and the first hour is only 10 baht and goes on from there. The system is currently being constructed and there are a lot of “kinks” in the system. I am personally hoping things work out the way they planned as I live right in the middle of the system.  I joined today and rode the bike in Lumpini Park.

Project Bike Loan in Bangkok

To be a bike share member, visit one of the bike share program stations (all fifty stations are planned to be completed by February 2013) now only a select few are manned.  Complete the application form and present it and an identification card (Passport for foreigners or a national ID for Thais) to the bike share staff. They will scan your Passport/ID with their computer.  Pay the membership registration fee of 220 Thai Baht, which covers the membership fee and places a credit of 100 Thai Baht on your member card.  You will receive your member card on the spot with your own personalized PIN number.  You are now ready to rent and return bicycles at any of the bike share program stations.

To rent and return a bicycle at any bike share program station, just insert your card and enter your PIN # at the ATM-like machine directly adjacent to the bicycle rack. Your credit balance will display and after you have chosen a bicycle it will be electronically released from the bicycle rack system, ready for your use.  Bicycles can be dropped off at any of the 50 stations planned throughout the city.  When returning, just insert the bike into an open bicycle rack and swipe your card. Your card will be debited an amount dependent upon how long the bicycle was in use.  By the way, the bicycles are ‘tracked’ using GPS.

Please join my Pun Pun Bangkok Bicycle Share Facebook page and post the status of the stations as Bangkok improves the system.

I have taken the locations of all the Pun Pun Stations and organized on the Google Map link below. If you save this link in your Google account, you should be able to find the Pun Pun locations with your smart phone anywhere you find yourself in downtown Bangkok.  have FUN!

View Pun Pun Bangkok Bike Share in a larger map

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