Monday, September 9, 2013

VT versus Daeng Namnueng Vietnamese Restaurants in Udon and NongKhai

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On my trip this weekend we decided have a taste of the Namnueng, Vietnamese fermented pork served with fresh vegetables and rice paper noodles, at the two most famous Vietnamese Restaurants in Thailand, V.T. and Daeng. We thought the Taste of V.T. Namnueng was better than Daeng, but both were quite good. I highly recommend you go and check both out, it makes for a good challenge fitting in that much food in one weekend! The restaurants are located about an hour drive apart, V. T. located in Udon Thani and Daeng in Nongkai.

V.T. is located in Udon Thani not far from the airport, but in the city. Follow the Google map below because the Google listing is way off, and it took us quite a while to find the location.
VT Namnueng Restaurant
VT Namnueng Restaurant in Udon Thani Thailand 

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Daeng gets higher marks for location, as it is located in view of the Mekong River. But again, I am giving you a link to follow below because the Google Map listing isn't quite right.
Daeng Namnueng Restaurant
Daeng Namnueng Restaurant in Nongkai Thailand 

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