Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bangkok’s Hidden Skywalk

Bangkok's Skywalk There is a little known path that actually sits above a big portion of downtown Bangkok and it links the biggest and most amazing inner city parks in Bangkok Lumpini and Benjakitti Parks. The walkway is about 2 kilometers long and begins at Lumpini Park on Wireless Road and travels straight east. As you get close to Benjakatti Park the walkway ends and you have a short walk through a local neighborhood.


View Bangkok's Skybridge in a larger map

Photos that I took along the walkway are in the set below:

Thailand Photo Blog - View my 'Bangkok's Skywalk' set on Flickriver
I am also including links to photos from Lumpini and Benjakitti Parks:
Thailand Photo Blog - View my 'Bangkok's Lumpini Park' set on Flickriver Thailand Photo Blog - View my 'Benjakitti Park' set on Flickriver


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