Sunday, October 6, 2013

Joom Zap Hut

Joom Zap HutOk, I have a favorite hot pot place in the Malls here in Bangkok… The restaurant is Joom Zap Hut. I’ll be honest, it isn't frequented by Thai people much. I have asked and they like the street joom zap better and cheaper, which I can appreciate. BUT I love the Joom Zap Hut hot pot sauce. I am told the base of the sauce is made with tamarine which is pureed with chili, red onion, powdered rice… very tasty!

Joom Zap Hut is affiliated with the BBQ Plaza and you usually find the Joom Zap Restaurants where there are BBQ Plaza Restaurants, but not always.  To know what you are getting into before hand, check out the Joom Zap Website.

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