Monday, November 18, 2013

Loi Krathong 2013

Loi Krathong 2013Last night I celebrated Loi Krathong in Benjakitti Park in downtown Bangkok.  I arrived to the park on the later side of things and was greeted by a park alight with the lantern lights of the floating Krathongs and many many people enjoying the celebration.  The park itself was looking its best for the celebration with three water fountains in the middle of lake ablaze in a white highlighted light.  Benjakitti Park is surrounded by high-rise buildings giving a great opportunity for night photos of the skyline.  I was lucky enough to remember my tripod and have many Bangkok night.

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Launching of a lighted lantern at the park:

You can check out my photos from other Loi Krathong celebrations I had the opportunity to participate in the past: Loi Krathong – (the floating festival of light).

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