Saturday, December 7, 2013

Boat Taxis of Klong Sansab *updated*

Boat Taxis Of Klong SansabKlong Sansab is a canal that runs through the heart of Bangkok. The canal is used for a taxi boat service which runs between Bangkok's old town area and Bang Kapi districts in Bangkok. 

Yesterday I took this service for the first time and I thought I would share a bit of my experience. My ride relatively short, getting on near MBK Mall and disembarking near Golden Mount. Getting on the boat taxi was not easy, for they have plastic sheet on the sides to protect the riders from getting splashed by the klong (canal) water. Once on the boat, I had to stand because it was quite full. I was very surprised when the entire roof lowered (without warning) so the boat could fit under the fast approaching bridge. Getting off the boat was a bit easier because I had a chance to watch some of the practiced riders disembark on previous stops.

Boat Taxis Of Klong Sansab
View of Golden Mount from Kong Pier
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