Sunday, December 1, 2013

Koh Larn Island

The Island of Koh Larn (also spelled "Lan") sits off the coast of Pattaya, making it easy to get to. The easiest and cheapest way is to go to the Pattaya Pier in Southern Pattaya and take a ferry over to the island. Being away from Pattaya it is a bit more low key but things are stepping up on the island of late. But the Island is still more low key than Pattaya so if you want to get away from the fray you can spend a day on the beaches of Koh Larn.

Thailand Photo Blog - View my 'Koh Larn' set on Flickriver

There are still troops of Monkeys on the island, which can make things interesting. I had a monkey jump on my head while photographing the troop. You can see those photos here.. 

Thailand Photo Blog - View my 'Koh Larn Monkeys' set on Flickriver

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