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Thailand Weather - what will it be like when you visit?

Jomtien SunsetWeather being weather, it can never be predicted or relied upon, but typically the average temperature is around 33°C. Generally, throughout Thailand the hottest time of year is from March to May, the wettest months are from June to October and the best time to book a vacation is from November to February.

From March until May the country desperately seeks the shade as the increasing temperatures and rising humidity makes this an uncomfortable time to be out and about. Maximum temperatures in some areas can even reach a whopping 40°C.

As June arrives the first of the rains caused by the Asian monsoons starts to bring in cloudy, unpredictable weather. Although Thailand is protected from receiving a direct hit from most monsoons, those reaching China and India do influence the country’s weather. The monsoons bring cloudy days and periodic heavy downpours with occasional thunderstorms. During the monsoon season the temperatures will still be fairly warm but there will be rain most nights with a mixture of cloudy and sunny days. Every now and then you may get periods of continuous rain (three to five days) but this doesn’t happen often.

As October ends the clouds disperse and the weather becomes pleasantly warm and sunny with plenty of cooling breezes. However, as Thailand is roughly the same size as France or approximately twice the size of the state of Oregon in the US there are a few regional weather variations that are worth exploring further. The weather system in Thailand can be divided up into four main areas: the Northern, Central, East Coast and Southern.

Northern Thailand

Phu Chi Fa
Phu Chi Fa in Chang Rai

Hottest time is March to May – (average maximum temperature 36°C).
Wettest time is June to September (average minimum temperature 13°C).

Central Thailand

Ancient City of Ayutthaya
Hottest time is March to April – (average maximum temperature 36°C).
Wettest time is May to October – (average minimum temperature 20°C).

Thailand East Coast

Koh Samet
Koh Samet
Hottest time is March to August – (average maximum temperature 35°C).
Wettest time is September to November – (average lowest temperature 23°).

Southern Thailand

Koh Pan Yi (Floating Muslim Village)
Koh Pan Yi (Floating Muslim Village)

Hottest time is March to April – (average maximum temperature 34°C).
Wettest months May to October – (average minimum temperature 25°C).

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