Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bang Pu Education Center

Bang Pu Education Center is one of many coastal nature reserves in the Thai Gulf and is located just south of Bangkok in Samut Prakan Province.  The center is most well known for a season flock of seagulls that use this area as their migratory route, which cycles around between January and April.  The reserve is chock full of coastal wildlife, including many varieties of waterfowl and mudflat creatures.  A lot of which I am showing in my photos and videos in this post.

The center is managed by the Thai Army, and the Army maintains a restaurant at the end of the main pier in the reserve area.  The restaurant is open to the public and offers a menu of mainly Thai seafood dishes.  The restaurant and reserve together make a great stop for locals and tourists alike and I highly recommend a visit if you are a nature lover like myself.  

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