Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Buying Durian on the Streets of Bangkok

The taste for durian is acquired, meaning that it does not come naturally.  The large spinney fruit has a pungent order that is hard to get past your nose.  But after living 8 years in Bangkok I have only recently acquired the taste for the odd looking and smelling fruit.  Durian takes a bit of work to get to the tasty part, having a hard spinney shell that required cutting off.  Under the shell is another uneatable layer that surrounds the tasty portions, which also surrounds the large rounded seeds.  My video below shows a vendor preparing the fruit he is selling.

Durian requires a special touch to discern if it is properly ripened.  The very best vendors have a weighted stick that they use to test each fruit by lightly hitting the fruit and listening closely to the sound it makes.

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