Monday, August 18, 2014

Grilling Tasty River Prawn

Grilled Tasty River Prawn
Grilled Tasty River Prawn
I learned the secret of grilling river prawn... Yes, but i am not sure i should share it.  First of all i need to explain a few things about river prawn.  The yellow gooey stuff that makes river prawn even more tasty is the freshwater crustacean's liver (I am told).  The best way to ensure the liver is cooked just right is to first freeze the prawn.  Once frozen the prawn is cut in half and placed on the grill with the shell.  The prawn should be covered so the prawn sort of grills and steams at the same time. The result is tender tasty meat and gooey liver just waiting for spicy Thai seafood sauce (which is a must!).

Well there it is - the secrete of grilling river prawn from Thailand. If you can get your hands of some - give it a try.

Ton Nam Restaurant in Bang Pa In near Ayutthaya is my favorite.  They grill their prawn perfectly and the atmosphere is perfect.  Take a look at the video below:


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