Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bangkok's Golden Mount and Wat Saket

The Golden Mount is one of Bangkok's most well known tourist destinations is an eighty meter high man made hill with a giant golden Chedi which can be seen for miles around. Golden Mount is adjacent to Wat Saket (Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan) and the Temple is responsible for maintaining the giant Chedi.

Bangkok's Wat Saket & Golden Mount Bangkok's Wat Saket & Golden Mount Bangkok's Wat Saket & Golden Mount
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 Golden Mount was first constructed under the reign of King Rama III (1824-51).  This original structure was only a giant Chedi which collapsed in the soft soil which underlies most of the city. The collapsed chedi provided the base for the hill construction, which was completed in several stages over many years. The completed Chedi is 80 meters above the surrounding lands and has 320 steps inviting you to explore Bangkok with a 360 degree view of the Bangkok's old town area. The staircase is adorned with many Buddha images and temple bells and the base of the chedi holds holy relics of the Lord Buddha himself.  At the base of Golden Mount is Wat Saket, which is worthwhile to tour after the trip up the hill.

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