Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wildlife of Chatuchak Park Complex

The Chatuchak Park Complex is a huge park area just north of the main Bangkok City area. The complex consists of three parks, Chatuchak Park, Queen Sirikit Park and Rot Fai Park. This area was once one of the main railroad stations for the city and in fact "Rot Fai" means railroad in Thai. Rot Fai Park was converted to a golf course after the railroad and as you walk through that portion of the park you can still see the fairways of the course which had large water hazards. These ponds attract many water fowl, which I show in several attached photos.    Large monitor lizards can also be seen swimming in the ponds and basking in the sun at the waters edge.  

Rot Fai Park also has an interesting butterfly garden where you can get quite close to many butterfly species. 

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