Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mu Koh Surin - Island Life

Mu Koh Surin is located on the northern rim of the Andaman Sea, and only 8 km. from the Thailand-Myanmar border. Getting to Mu Koh Surin isn't easy, being 50 kilometers off the coast of Thailand, you have to catch a ride on a fast moving ferry which takes a full two hours from the mainland. The ferry leaves from a pier in Khura Buri, more than 700 kilometers from Bangkok, which is also the mainland headquarters for the park.

Mu Ko Surin is where Thailand's tropical rain forest come in contact with the largest, most amazing, life abundant, shallow water coral reef. Mu Ko Surin is the best place for snorkeling in Thailand, with rich marine life such as sea turtles and many varieties of marine life. Mu Koh Surin consists of two main islands, Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai (north and south) and have more than 10 bays renowned for the most beautiful shallow coral reefs. Thailand keeps the island rustic, limiting the number of visitors and the types of boats allowed into the shallow waters. There are a few nice bungalows on the island but most who visit stay for a few days in tents enjoying the quiet island breezes up close and personal.

As a cultural site of interest, there is a community of Sea Gypsies who still live their traditional lifestyle according to the life abundant local seas. These Sea Gypsies are called the Morgan and they continue to live a primitive life in their houseboats and inhabit Ko Surin Tai beach which is opposite to the national park office. You will find carved wood sculptures similar to an American Indian totem which is a Morgan tradition.

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