Sunday, February 15, 2015

Puk Tian Beach

Puk Tian Beach is about 2 hours south of Bangkok and one hour north of Hua Hin, and along the Petchaburi Scenic Roadway.  The Beach was made famous by the number of sculptures from the well-known Thai literature Phra Aphai Manee.  The beach is very quiet and peaceful. A great get-away location for a quiet weekend at the beach.

The Story of Phra Aphai Manee is a clever story of Prince Phra Aphai Manee who plays a magical flute that brings sleep to those who hear his music. The giant, Nang Yack, listens to the Princes music and didn't sleep but fell in love. She changes herself into human to be with her prince. Nang Yack marries the prince without ever telling the prince she is a giant and they move to a remote island be alone and in love.  They have a son, Sin Samut, who is human but has the magic of the giants. One day, Nang Yack finds the prince with a new lover, a mermaid. Nang Yack also had the anger of a giant and wanted to kill the prince. The mermaid helped the prince escape the island and Nang Yack's anger. When the prince arrives on land he plays his flute to calm Nang Yack's anger. The music has an unforeseen result, it turns her anger into deep sadness and kills Nang Yack because her love was so deep.

Characters from the Story of Phra Aphai Manee:

Photos of the beach and town:

There also is a lot of wildlife in the marsh lands surrounding the beach area:

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