Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prasat Muang Tam, Ancient Klmer Temple in Thailand

The temple complex at Prasat Muang Tam is part of the vast expansion of the ancient Khmer Empire, which originated in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Somewhat overshadowed by Prasat Pha Nom Rung, Prasat Muang Tam is still a very beautiful and awe-inspiring site that should not be missed. The temple at Prasat Muang Tam is over 900 years old. Its name is derived from its position, "Prasat Muang Tam" literally translated means "a sanctuary located in a lower area".

The main temple area is surrounded by large, man-made ponds that are beautifully maintained and filled with flowering lotuses.  The park contains some of the best examples of Khmer architecture in the world and underlines that the area was once an important trade route to the Khmer kingdom.

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