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Christopher Snyder
Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA), I first felt the travel bug when my work as a consultant environmental engineer took me to Iraq. Although working and living in a war zone was truly fascinating it was also very dangerous and so, when the opportunity arose for me to take a trip to Thailand, I jumped at the chance.

During my first visit I fell in love with all things Thai, “I was struck by the people - how friendly, quiet, honest and polite they were and of course Thailand is a very beautiful place.” My travels have now taken me all over Thailand and parts of south Asia. When I am not working as a consulting environmental geologist, I spends most of my spare time traveling, writing, documenting and photographing all that I have seen.

Where I Live:

I live in downtown Bangkok.  It is a nice area, living in a condominium right across the street from Lumpini Park.  You can just see the park in the upper left hand corner of the map below.  The park is the reason i chose the place to live.  I like open spaces.  The park can be quite active on the weekends, with events like running races and bands playing.  The park is an amazing inner city park that has a lot to offer, including many garden areas and water ways and curious creatures.  You can see some of them by clicking here. Another great thing about my condo is right out the front door is the entrance to the Bangkok Subway (MRT).  The location is very convenient for I have access to a big part of the city just out my front door.
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What I Do:

What I do is a little difficult to explain.  This blog is not what I do, it is a hobby.  I enjoy it a lot and it gives me something constructive to do with my photos. Oh, and i am not a photographer either, that is another of my hobbies.  As you can see I have linked the two.  Let me explain, I love to travel and I love to take photographs and I always thought it a waste that I had nothing to do with my photos after i returned from whatever destination that may be.  What I do is work for an engineering company - see what I mean - boring.  The travel and the photography keeps me interested in life.  The photo to the right show me as a photographer :)

I hope you enjoy my posts.  As I said, they are mostly about my pictures so if you like them or have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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